Production Stills Nepal

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    From the crisp Himalayas to the dusty roads of Kathmandu, here is an unvarnished look at Karma Trekkers journey to Nepal

Production Stills Malaysia

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    Behind the scenes moments in Malaysia

Production Stills China

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    An inside look at the production team of Karma Trekkers filming in China

Production Stills Taiwan

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    Candid moments during the production of Karma Trekkers in Taiwan

Production Stills Season 1

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    Life on the road across the globe with the production team of Karma Trekkers

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February 03, 2011


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Sammantha Levinson

Nice list, I loved the crack about bathrobes. I would add a few things as well. First, a flashlight. When I was in Zimbabwe the power kept going off and so a flashlight was important since the bathrooms were outside of the rooms. Next every hotel room also needs an umbrella. If you've been through the rainy season in Laos you'll know what I mean. And finally, a staff with a sense of humour. That's the most important one.

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